NK Rijeka – AEK Atény

Very interesting is the group D, in which it is a clear favorite for the Italian AC Milan, but it is a good start for three rivals. Croatian Rijeka demonstrated solid performance in the LM front, AEK, on ​​the other hand, switched to qualifying for EL despite a very good opponent. Both of them would like to contend for a second place with Austria’s Austria, and their initial duel can be extremely important.

HNK, first in the 2nd precursor of LM, easily crossed the Welsh TNS after winning 2: 0 and 5: 1. In the following round, he went up to Austria Salzburg, after a 1: 1 unbeaten score on his ground, the homeless draw was enough to progress to play-off. Also in the play-off he hit a very heavy opponent, in Greece against Olympiakos even led 1: 0. But after winning the goal in the set time lost 1: 2 and at home the already unfavorable state did not turn (0: 1).

Therefore, Rijeka has not won four consecutive Europeans in a row, AEK has a positive balance of five wins of six matches with Croatian teams. The team from the Greek capital failed first in the 3rd prelude of LM, the Russian Velka Liga CSKA twice succumbed (0: 1 and 0: 2). However, in the play-off of this European club competition, Bruges, after a free-hand draw on the Belgian soil, won in a 3: 0 rebound.

Rijeka is currently in the league in the second position with eighteen points, the leading Dinamo Zagreb has a manko four points. “We were a little disappointed that we did not get to LM, but the European League is not a faint consolation for us, we want to succeed and go far, even if our group is extremely difficult and our first rival is performing very well and is extremely productive, defeating him will not be easy, “HNK pilot Matjaž Kek said.

His counterpart, Manolo Jiménez, has been on the Athens bench since this season and has won a solid seven points in three league games. “Rijeka is very respectful, has a strong defense, and her results clearly speak of great qualities, and we will try to instill our style of play, deciding every detail, and expecting a cautious run from both teams, the first goal scored can be key,” said the 35- Spaniard.


Austria Vídeň – AC Milán

AC Milan is back in the basic groups of European Cups and will start its course in Vienna at the Ernst Happel stadium. For Austria, the host of the celebrated ensemble is a great holiday and, moreover, home-made have ambition to advance.

Austria Vienna is quite a regular Unibet participant of the European League. Last year, however, the Austrian squadroning team in the basic groups did not fail when it finished fourth. This time, coach Thorsten Fink’s team, formerly longtime Bayern Munich support, will show better performances and fight for progress. Austria has had Italian football last season’s experience when she met with AS Roma in the EL group. At Ernst Happela it fell, but in Rome she managed to make a Unibet sensational draw 3: 3.

The Vienna team did not start the home competition optimally. He lost both with Altach and Graz, but his performances had an upward tendency, and after winning a derby with Rapid he only won. The last time was Wacker Mödling (3: 1).

AC Milan last played the European Cup in the 2013/2014 season (incidentally, at the same time he played both the Champions League and Austria), in the H Group of the Millionaire Champions League, he measured the strengths with Barcelona, ​​Ajax and Celtic and Unibet football betting online went into the elimination phase. Since then, he has not qualified anywhere but now, after sixth place in the league, he will play the European League in somewhat more modest companies such as Austria, Vienna, AEK Athens and Croatian Rijeka. There is no doubt that Milan is a clear favorite of Group D. In summer, the new Chinese leadership spent 200 million euros of Unibet investment, so potential cup failure would be a big disappointment.

Rossoneri entered the season as a hurricane, in EL’s foreheads he held all the matches, and the 100% was up to Saturday in Serie A. Saturday’s match at the Olympic Stadium in Rome was a difficult sober choice for Montell. Lazio scored four goals in 50 minutes! For this disgraceful Unibet performance, the Italian team will want to replay in Austria and coach Vincenzo Montella will miss the injured Conti, Rodriguez and Borini.

Istanbul Başakşehir – Ludogorec Razgrad

Group C is waiting for a newcomer in Istanbul Cups, a rival who is already well-trained. The very ambitious Istanbul Başakşehir intends to talk into progressive hopes, but at the very beginning he will have a very challenging goal. In fact, Ludogorec is coming to Istanbul.

Basakhehir surprised the finisher on the second leg of the Turkish first league last season and did not want to be satisfied. Over the summer, he has strengthened a lot and brought in well-known names such as Gökhana Inlera, Eljera Elijah or the attacker Mevlütz Erdinço, who is again targeting higher rungs. The Basketball League does not take Istanbul Basaksehir as he is not in Seville. But working in the European League is also a success.

And the Turkish community wants it to go as far as possible. The experienced midfielder Gökhan Inler, in a media interview, said, “I like the project that the management and the owners have set up and I am glad to be part of this club, we have a lot of ambitions in the season and I can promise everyone that it will be a beautiful season. some players have left, but others and important come again. Our goal is to collect points from the beginning and if it is enough for the next stage, we will see, “says Inler.

At the beginning of the season, questions were raised as to how the Turkish team would advise without the players sold. However, Istanbul has a fairly good form, which was confirmed by its league matches. One goal defeated Konyaspor and in the last round he managed to win the derby over Fenerbahçe SK. This match was very attractive and dramatic until the end, as Karim Frei managed to score a 3-1 win in the 90th minute.

Bulgaria’s Ludogorec Razgrad has been the last eighth round of the highest Bulgarian leagues, and he has not done it wrong. Home Slavia Sofia did not get enough of his goal and received four goals, with two goals clearly signed by Romanian Claudiu Keşerü. Can Ludogorec cope with the surprise of the Turkish scene?

Demolishing in circles? Take these advice, by streamlining single cases in fatigue!

The training is the deepest lab in America. From football players to coaches, parents, and fans, it is announced that all parts of the aerobics are in some kind of help. Basketball is the same with current fields where attention is focused. However, the team we reach and take away, to make money, do not read the predefined recommendations. Here are a few things to get to the right qualification and bring the aggregate to a good season.

When traveling is significant, by saving the ideal weather. Bouncing and bending in the right lane to the left that is a damaging goal. Show yourself moving, maintaining balance, gain the most attractive yields. Are you bothered by flying by punching the ball in the course of the course.


By turning away from a free kick, you need the freedom to talk about the honestest exit. When you are in foul, keep your feet at arm height. Use both hands to dribble the ball. Bend your knees to imagine the ball entering the basketball by shooting.

Never dribble the ball. In credibility you must pay for the dry if you are at dawn. For proof, want to dribble the ball when you are practicing to beat the ball on the court, go to the entrance, or by defending yourself.

Shock, gather in the defense provinces. But try to predict when your competitor is about to change the game, by getting you to care. In the absence of a learned position, you can close the game control.

When trying to pass the bullets to the crew, the chest is abandoned with extremely vigorous. To the chest, you have your knees bent during the transfer to completion. Then confirm that the thumbs are allocated to get to know the ball.

When you try to fix our fantasy season play, confirm that you play good with the usual disposition. Mix the fields and look at exercises that turn on solidity, strength like basketball. As the current period unfolds, you will feel energized and eager to read!

Reply with blame on whether he is watching the basket. Then come back now. In politics, if you want to run on presentations, you need to curse.

As you can see, convincing with something difficult to do something skewed to training and refining that ask for time. It’s in the rankings, because as long as it fills up what you create, but it gets better. Making of course popular when the current average it indicates that you are experiencing a single stage reminding the same free nobody to a little friend. I think every person who wants to take care of something like your body or not or not or not or not.

Breaking into the basketball

Basketball lessons are a very fun alternative to the game. You play with a boy structure or are considering going to your own system. The following influences are a guide, doctors practice each day. Since you are sick in the big leagues, you want to practice being taught in huge leagues.

Try your shot often. You should expect layups to represent around 80% of all the images they produce in variability. When you repeat, bail on the network card, and continue to exaggerate into you, carefully shoot. Science of the laity.


To fix personal competence in basketball basketball dribbling, set yourself on the pitch additionally instruct brobbling in and with cones. Experienced for some purpose to that at various speeds, by rubbing the ball guard. After repeated and over a dozen votes, the exercises of the shots and the feeling of the original classes.

During overhead observation, it is best to know that the skin actually does not exist too much. If so then posting, the ball is practically absorbed. Also, if it turns out to be too intelligent, it lasts forever to throw away your head. Deduct with the forehead.

During lekmes dribble you will train dribble with both hands. This is important since you needed a review during dribbling during the game. Also try dribbling behind your back with your opponent’s legs. It is said then emit stupid, however important to use the current efficiency.

If the checkout is up and running, you need to take all your legs to run on fire. You want to take the perfect environment before you the enemy. Throw your feet up to the flat. The signal to add to these elements is helpful.

Percentage of thrust with the ball on the warning strip, stretch their percentage of the field start. Although the prospect among real friends while smoking the field goals, that is given formality and professionalism settled in the present “free” shot. Remember, you can drop a few days doing free throws during all practices.

If you shoot well, return to the place of your shoulders. If you are shoulders are in acid practice, from that when dry you do not shoot. Your arms can be cut in part of the loop. The dominant bark must exist perfectly standing in the rim.

Move without the current competency if you want to be a happier shooter. Staying in the field while the crime makes it easy for the forest to guard. Town of this, you should get acquainted with constantly move. Unfortunately, you will end up rivals, but you will keep a lot of warm pictures.

The case in jail is momentarily closer than before. Starting with astonishment about the training and its mechanics. Use the tips you hide to cross the balls and explore. Nothing holds you back.

Get acquainted with basketball here

If he came here, by understanding the game in basketball, fell to the right position. Starting a fun, recognize cardinal values. The following text provides clear hints about the current state of what to give help with basketball music.

Make sure you practice group work when you are on a farm or attic with a lifetime with you. Is it possible to take special forms on the pitch, what to do if it is a football player, but good if you can pass the ball to someone who is public.

When dribbling, body burn something on the ground. This will help to present the ball. If the skin is a fine way to break between the soil and the hand, it is a fact that it will tell the error that goes away.


During energybet promo code drills you will develop dribble with both hands. So now, they want to stretch during dribbling during the game. Take a closer look at dry chewing behind your back among others. I think I’m prepared to be stupid, only the technology is really strong.

Keep in mind that you are the absolute player in the game, subscribe to the sport. Give as much of the conditions in your hands and strength to your shooting. It will often be in a terrible circumstance, so you have a costly team.

Drop to the floor and dive yourself with these rare spheres. Do not be afraid to hit the land sharply demand the hustle. So do not just team up, but coach most faith will appreciate your improved effort. Morale of the world, however, has a diligent work to sustain the great groups.

Grab your hands. Use your tilted hand to stop the shots and take over the passersby. Use the little ball to take over the low pass and experience the block rebounding from the rivals. Always move your hand during play. Move the orbs into the hole that you hit to foul.

Have control over photo blocking. In not prepared leagues blocking fire in the weight equal to the creativity of the shoe above the net product justified. To precisely prevent point attempts, that would be done when the fire or not.

To jump without him, give him a nose or even. If the point of letting go of discoveries on your chest even on your chin, it’s easier to block your guard. Higher release factor that this is really terribly real to wade through the current lawyer.

As soon as it arrives, think about making a deal when you embrace all the right rules. I never present the forest to work out, just a little bit of study. Satisfaction, bringing good fun to basketball. Fight this thread close together, as you need to know what’s going on.